Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Make it Interesting

I can imagine that unless you are in the market to purchase wind chimes from the internet, eBay® or Second Life®, a short video of wind chimes could be quite boring.

There is an exclusive channel on Vimeo, the video sharing site, called “Make it Interesting”. The idea behind the videos posted on this channel is to take a rather boring subject (as far as cinematography is concerned) and try to make it interesting.

I found this short clip with a set of wind chimes as the subject that Matt Taylor posted to Vimeo.

Matt adds a bit of creativity to his 55 second video by including an intriguing narration in hopes of capturing the audience’s attention while panning around a set of ordinary wind chimes.

I watched the video a couple of time just to form a clear mental image of the wind chimes as a whole. Short of being interested in the design of the chimes, the clip itself displayed some nice video effects.

In creating 3D virtual wind chimes for Second Life®, I try to make them as interesting as possible. Unique designs, original textures, individual chiming notes, and excellent sound quality are the standards on which I base my wind chimes but I also add a few little extras, like textured particle effects, crystal-clear water sounds, and ambient bird sounds.

Aura Genuine Wind Chimes - Windspiel I have just started collecting the software tools I need to create machinima video in Second Life®.  I would like to film a few short videos showcasing my wind chimes to add to the images I have modeled in Photoshop.

Viewing the video of Matt’s wind chimes has given me a few ideas to work on.

Zena :-)